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Advice Services

Advice is an opinion or a suggestion which can help you to do something or make a decision.Advice is helpful if you are feeling unsure or if you don't know much about something.

On this page you can find out about services in Sheffield that can give you advice.

What is Advice Sheffield?

Advice Sheffield is a website you can visit to find free advice. All the advice centres in Sheffield decided to get together to create this website so all their information is in one place.

How can they help me?

Advice centres in Sheffield want to make sure people who live in the city have access to good, free information and advice. They especially want to help people who are a more vulnerable, like people with a learning disability.

The website gives you information on:

  • How to use the website
  • How you can help yourself to find the right advice
  • How you can find the right advice centre for you

Following this link to visit the Advice Sheffield website

How to find the right advice service for you

You can search for different advice centres on their website. You can find advice services for things like:

  • Crime
  • Debt (when you don't have enough money to pay for things)
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Housing and accomodation
  • Mental Health
  • Benefits

There are many advice services that give advice about all these things and lots more.

Go to Advice Sheffield to search for an advice service

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Advice centres in Sheffield

This is the sign that advice centres will use if they have had learning disability training:

Where you see this sign there will be someone that you can talk to about

  • your benefits
  • your bills
  • your home
  • your job
  • your care needs

Advice centres can answer all sorts of questions and help with lots of different problems.

The advice centres that show this green tick sign understand how to talk to people with a learning disability.

You can visit an advice centre by yourself or you can take someone with you.  An advice centre will only tell people that you have asked them for advice if you want them to.

Download the leaflet below to find out where the learning disability friendly advice centres are in Sheffield.