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Sheffield People's Parliament

Sheffield People’s Parliament is open to all people with a learning disability aged 18 and over. It meets every 2 months in the Town Hall and about 40 people attend. It is a place where people can talk about issues that matter to them.

You can download the People's Parliament dates below

Dates for People's Parliament

The People's Parliament talks about the big issues that people have said they care about. Members of the People's Parliament represent Parliament’s voice on the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board and in other places.

Here are some of the things that People's Parliament talks about:  

  • advocacy

  • complex needs

  • hate crime

  • friendship

  • health

  • housing

  • transport

  • leisure

  • work 

For more information about People's Parliament, you can email and we will pass your message on or talk to Lizzy or Ed on 2039325.