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Groups and Social Networks to join

Are you looking for a new hobby or group that shares your interests, either for yourself or someone you care for?  


Help Yourself Website

The Help Yourself database holds information on around 5,000 voluntary and community groups covering a wide range of subjects such as leisure, sport, education, religion, health, community care, community businesses, environmental issues, housing, advice services, politics and more!

There is also information on activities for specific groups of people such as children, older people, people with disabilities, gay people and people from ethnic minority communities.

The Help Yourself database can be found online at You can search for groups or organisations by putting in a key word (such as the type of activity you are looking for, or where the group should be located). The database will search for all the relevant activities and provide you with a list of groups, giving you more information about times, locations and contact details.

If you are not able to access the database online, then you can ring the team at the Sheffield Community Information Service on 0114 273 4763. They will be happy to search for information to give you over the phone or through the post.

If you are already part of a group that is not registered on the database, then all you need to do to register is visit the website at to fill in an online form, ring the team at the Sheffield Community Information Service or email at:

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The database is updated regularly and is run by the Sheffield Community Information Service at the Central Library, in partnership with Sheffield NHS Trust.